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The French Saveur
Les Sandwichs
  • The French Sandwich
    Mayo, hard egg, tomato, salad, fresh chicken or ham
  • The River Sandwich
    Lettuce, salmon smoked, shoot of soybean, tomato, lemon butter
  • Le Végétarien
    pain bagnat, asperge, tomate, choux fleur, céleri, pistou
  • The Crabe Sandwich
    Cucumber, lettuce, surimi mayo, tomato, vinegar balsamic vinegar
  • Chicken Salad
    Lettuce, chicken, chopped vegetables, baby spinach, ricotta
  • Wheat Salad
    Salad of wheat grain, peas, and carrot
  • Beans Salad
    Salad of Fava Beans (broad bean), beans, peas and Zucchini
    dressing : Balsamic Vinaigrette, spicy dressing, mustard dressing
  • Les Salades
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