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The French Saveur
Les Sandwichs
  • French Sandwich
    Chicken, Ham, or Tuna with boiled eggs, tomato, lettuce, and mayo
  • Veggie Sandwich
    Seasonal veggies & pesto sauce
  • Smoked Salmon Sandwich
    Fresh smoked salmon with lettuce, tomato, leek, and butter in the best baguette of Atlanta
  • Salmon Croissant
    Smoked salmon, tomatoes, lettuce, and leeks
  • Kids Menu
  • Jambon Beurre
    Quarter baguette with European butter, ham & cheese, soda, or apple juice, and a macaron of your choice
  • Café Vendôme Salmon Salad
    Wild smoked salmon, walnuts, boiled eggs, cranberries, broccoli, cauliflower, mixed green, baby spinach, and your dressing choice
  • Salade Niçoise
    Refreshing tuna, anchovies, black olives, lettuce, green beans, tomatoes, boiled eggs, and dressing of choice
  • French Chicken Salad
    Fresh and tasty salad with chicken, mixed greens, chopped vegetables (tomato, green beans, cauliflower & broccoli), ricotta, and your dressing of choice

  • Choice of Dressings
  • Balsamic Vinaigrette
  • French Dressing
  • Honey
  • Les Salades
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